Study shows experience changes brains!

I love neuroscience but sometimes I feel that science proves what we know must be true. Clearly our environment, experiences in our environment, shape our brains. The brain is the organ of adaptation, its job is to engage with, learn from, adapt to, and respond to our environment in a dynamic way over the course of our lives; albeit with extra emphasis on early experiences!

Scientists working on zebrafish at the Uni of Queensland have discovered that rearing zebrafish in the dark when their vision system is developing has impairs their long term ability to catch prey, even when the lights are back on!

The brain CAN ONLY develop in the precise context of its experience. Early experience organises the brain. Nature assumes that those early experiences are going to be pretty typical for your developmental years, at least until puberty, its (typically) going to be your parents that look after you. Early on they ARE your environment and that environment organises more of your brain than you might think…

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