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How much are we shaped by our experience? How much is genetic? Can I change aspects of my personality, how I react to stress, the way I relate, or who I fall in love with?

I give engaging, accessible and interesting talks and training about how experiences shape our brains, our perceptions and our futures. Everyone is interested in this so my talks are for everyone, interested individuals and interested professionals!

If you are struggling with  patterns of behaviour, ways of relating, have intense feelings that overwhelm you; or you have a complex trauma history, mental health issues, depression, anxiety, self harm and/or addictions or compulsive behaviours, or you care about someone that does, then the way I present neuroplasticity may resonate with you.

I also provide training and continuing professional development to psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health nurses and any professional group that has an interest in understanding how experiences shape our brains for better and worse.

I tell my own story in my talks, I’m the Poster Girl for Neuroplasticity.  My experiences of complex trauma shaped me, I adapted as best I could to survive my childhood, and then when I became an adult I realised my adaptive strategies that had saved me were now harming me, undermining my relationships and negatively impacting my life……. What happened? How did I change this?

Come to a talk to find out 🙂

Dr Haley Peckham (Ph.D.)


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Experience shapes brains in more ways than we think and this has profound implications for the way we understand ourselves, how we understand and respond to criminal behaviour and what sense we make of mental health and illness.

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Dr Haley Peckham, neuroscientist, is passionate to apply current evidence about neuroplastic brains to the everyday work of supporting people towards mental health recovery. Dr Peckham weaves together in accessible ways the cutting edge science with invitations to curiosity and empathy for its impact on people.

I have watched her speak several times, to rapt audiences of nurses, psychiatrist, peer workers and other practitioners. She draws on her unique mix of expertise across neuroplasticity, mental health nursing practice and her personal experience of recovery. The material and quality of Dr Peckham’s presentation is worthy of a Ted talk.

Associate Professor Bridget Hamilton

Centre for Psychiatric Nursing,

University of Melbourne


Dear Haley

I can appreciate you are very busy but I attended your recent presentation and I couldn’t just walk away without giving you my sincere appreciation for the information shared on that day. I have studied Mental health, substance abuse, cultural studies, behavioural issues in young people along with many other subjects but for some reason what you said resinated with me on not only a personal level but also professionally.

I know that who I have become as an adult was a result of some trauma I was exposed to growing up, but I think I only really thought of this as an “idea” not as “fact” and it’s almost as if a light switch went off in my brain and I almost felt tears as this all hit me while you spoke – I was so moved it felt like you were talking to just me.

I would love to hear more of what you have to say as you have left an indelible footprint in my brain now, I am so thankful for what I have now gained and plan to work on some of these issues within myself – including my need for control and severe anxiety in my day to day life.

On a professional stance you also made me feel confident that I am on the right track with my interactions with the young people who make contact at our youth centres and often require extra supports.

Thank you so much for sharing your own personal journey and for everything you taught me. I’m more motivated than ever to read more books and learn all I can in my chosen field (I even purchased the book “The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog; And Other Stories From a Child Psychiatrist’s Notebook” over the weekend as I heard it was a good read for professionals and am looking into more training options).

I’m sure you have changed many people’s lives along the way in your teachings and I hope you know how valuable that is.

Continue your work, you are truly inspiring!